T he Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu like any other institution of higher learning has some established rules and regulations governing the conduct, of students at all times. The polytechnic, therefore, expects students to strictly adhere to such rules at J regulations in order to create the right atmosphere f mutual interaction and accordingly, the following- rules and regulations are provided by the polytechnic authority to guide students’ conduct on the campus. Any student who is found to have violated any of the rules shall be appropriately disciplined.

  Noise Making: Noise of whatever form within the vicinity of the administrative blocks, the lecture blocks/rooms, the library and other designated areas should be completely avoided or kept to a minimum. Sound producing appliance(s) should not use beyond 10:00 and MUST not be played in such a manner as to generate disturbance or cause annoyance to others.

  Smoking: Smoking is forbidden in all indoor areas within the polytechnic. Smokers who wish to smoke MUST ensure that cigarettes are properly extinguished and cigarette butts dropped in provided waste bins/cans. Smokers are however, reminded that smoking is dangerous to health.

  Identity Card: Students Identity Cards will be issued to every registered student covering the duration of student’s proposed course of study. This card is NOT TRANSFERABLE an acquisition of identity card is subject to the cost stipulated by the polytechnic. Loss of this card must be reported to the student affairs officer immediately.

  Breach of Peace: Students are advised to eschew acts capable of causing disturbance or breach of peace like incitement, rioting, fighting etc.

  Posting of sills: Posting of bills, advertisement, notice, etc. on wall and structures is not allowed. Such bills, advertisements, notices etc. should be pasted on Bulletin Boards provided at strategic places on the campus.

  Drunkenness and Drug Abuse: The sale, purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages, drug abuse and misuse are not allowed on the campus. Students are, therefore, advised to eschew the patronage of all alcoholic drinks and hard drugs.

  Taxis on Campus: Taxis re not allowed to enter the polytechnic except with a special permission from the Chief Security Officer or any of his authorized assistants.

  Registration of personnel transport/belongings: Cars, Motorcycles and other means of transport/mattress etc. shall be registered with the security and hall officers respectively at the beginning of every semester.

  Secret Cults/Societies: The formation, membership, sponsorship and patronage of secret cults/societies are prohibited. All clubs/societies MUST be duly registered by the Student Affairs Officer.

  Receiving and entertaining male/female visitors in female/male hostels: Female students are not allowed to receive male visitors in their rooms at any time for any reason and male students are equally not allowed to receive female visitors in rooms.

 Theft, Pilfering or destruction of polytechnic property: Theft, regardless of the magnitude is a statutory offence and is therefore punishable. In the same vein, the polytechnic regards as a serious offence all acts of destructive behaviour. Students are therefore, expected to make judicious use of all polytechnic property. Student shall be surcharged for damages based on prevailing cost of item(s) damaged.

  Forgery, scanning and photocopying of unauthorized official documents: Any student caught forgering, scanning and/or photocopying, an unauthorized official document will be suspended for period of one session or withdrawn, depending upon the gravity of such practice.

PENALTIES: All major offences such as breach of peace, rioting, illegal demonstration, fighting, incitement, stealing, transfer of identity card or impersonation, secret cult activities, involvement in fire incidence leading to destruction of properties; drunkenness and .drug addiction, possession of or sale of drugs or alcohol, possession and/or use of dangerous weapons, harbouring of female in male hostel and vice versa, sexual harassment of staff or student etc. will attract outright expulsion and, handling over to the law enforcement agents where required, while other offences such as cooking in the room, tampering with electrical fittings, insulting fellow students, blocking toilet system with, hard materials, posting of bills in unauthorized locations, using candles in the hostels etc. will be decided on the basis of the gravity of the offence ranging from eviction and/or rustication to outfight expulsion. Where properties are destroyed, students would be made to pay for the damages.

  Decent Dressing: Students are expected to dress decently on campus as indecent dressing is prohibited. Female students are forbidden from putting on transparent clothes, spaghetti tops, wicket straps, monostraps, and mini, dresses with Slit above the knees, tight trousers and 3/4 trousers, outfits with obscene and subliminal messages, and all clothes that reveal sensitive parts of the body such as the burst, chest belly and the buttocks. Male students are forbidden from wearing sleeveless T-shirts, shirts not properly buttoned up, short knickers /boxers, head ties, and clothes carrying obscene and subliminal messages,Braiding,perming, plaiting of hair and dreadlocks are forbidden.

  Appearance before investigative committee: Any student who fails to appear before an investigative committee when invited shall be deemed to have accepted responsibility for the offence he/she is being investigated for and therefore shall be served the maximum penalty for the offence. Any student invited as a witness but refused to appear and testify shall be viewed as being insubordinate to the polytechnic authority and may be suspended from the institution for a period of not less than one month by the academic board.

  Exhibits: Any exhibits used by a student to commit an offence shall be seized from the student and shall not be given back to the student even when he/she has been withdrawn or expelled on the account of the offence.

  Exit from the polytechnic: Students that have reasons to travel out of the polytechnic when the polytechnic is in session shall apply and fill exit form at the student’s affairs office through their heads of department. Where the student would be out for more than one week, the student shall apply to the Registrar and obta.r1 approval.

Students are not allowed to take out classroom furniture from the classroom for any purpose. Any student who violates this rule would be suspended for a month from academic activities.

Any student found in possession of dangerous weapons shall be duly penalized.

Students should avail themselves to the available channel of communication. And in case of seeking redress, should be first at all appropriate offices exhaustively as students seeking redress outside the polytechnic risk being expelled.


The polytechnic is committed to the welfare of all students as well as to enforcement of discipline in all aspects of students conducts in order to achieve these objectives, three committees have been set up by the appropriate authorities of the polytechnic to determine and advise an all aspects of students welfare and discipline. These committees are:


In accordance with the decree establishing the polytechnic, there shall be a committee known as students’ welfare committee. The membership of the committee and its terms of reference are as follows: a) Membership
  1. A chairman who shall be the Director Student Affairs.
  2. Two (2) members of the academic staff of the polytechnic.
  3. Three (3) non-academic staff representing Bursary Department, Works Department and Security Unit respectively.
  4. Two (2) students representatives of the polytechnic, and Students Affairs Officer as a Member/Secretary.
(b) Terms of Reference
  1. To consider any matter, which, relates to the welfare of students;
  2. To consider any matter referred to it by the management of the polytechnic, and.
  3. Any matter which the students wish to refer to the council shall be referred ID the committee on students affairs in the first instance, No decision of the committee shall have effect unless it is confirmed by the council.


Functions of the committee, among other matters, are:
  1. To investigate all reported cases of examination malpractice(s) in the polytechnic and make recommendations to the academic board;
  2. To investigate reported cases of alleged theft and any other misconduct on the campus by any student(s) of the polytechnic and recommend appropriate disciplinary action to be taken by the board.
  3. Deliberate on the outcome of police or court cases involving students of the polytechnic with a view to recommending any other disciplinary action to be taken by the academic board in line with existing rules and regulations of the polytechnic.
  4. Advise the academic board on measures that will enhance discipline amongst students; and
  5. Perform any other function or duties assigned to it by the academic board or the polytechnic management committee.


The committee which comprises mainly of council members and headed by one, is constituted by the governing council of the polytechnic.
  1.   It considers reports on students’ welfare and disciplinary matters presented to council and advise the council accordingly.
  2.   It performs, other functions assign to it by the council on students welfare and disciplinary matters.


(a) Hostel accommodation is available within the polytechnic campus. However; the provision of such accommodation is a privilege, not a right. The polytechnic is therefore not bound to provide accommodation to every student, but the limited hostel accommodation available will be provided for students on first come, first serve basis.

(b) Other criteria for hostel room ‘allocation are at the discretion of the polytechnic management.

(c) In making the hostel part of the polytechnic community life, all resident students are required, to exercise maximum self-control in their relationship with other students, hotels officials and guests/visitors. Strict adherence to rules and regulations’ governing the hostel is expected of all students. Any breach of such rules and regulations will lead to eviction from the hostel.

(d) The underlisted rules and regulations are therefore provided to guide every student who has been determined as eligible for a bed space ¡n the student's Halls of residences:

  1.   Students wishing to reside in the hostels shall apply and pay to the polytechnic the stipulated accommodation fee within one week of resumption of the school.
  2.   On no account should students’ allocated accommodation transfer or sublet such accommodation to other students who have no accommodation. If this is done, the subletting student shall forfeit his/her accommodation and the fee paid, while the benefactor of such transferor sublet shall be evicted accordingly. However, if a student wishes to relinquish his/her allocation, he/she must channel desire in writing to the students affair officer and his/her accommodation fee will be refunded in full or in part depending on the date notification of such desire was received by the appropriate authority.
  3.   The polytechnic hostel rooms are designed to specification in terms of the number of occupants, health consideration as well as facilities. It is therefore, prohibited for a resident to harbour another student who is not the legitimate roommate is; otherwise, the genuine resident risks forfeiture of his/her accommodation privilege. Therefore squatting is not allowed so as to maintain proper health standard comfort in the hostel room.
  4.   Students are not allowed to accommodate guests/visitors in the hostel without due consent of the student affairs officer and all students shall be responsible for the conduct of their visitors.
  5.   Hostel accommodation is only for a duration of ONE academic year/session.
  6.   It is mandatory that students should return their room keys and every other polytechnic property their possession to the hall supervisors at the end of each session.
  7.   Inspection of rooms and polytechnic property shall be carried out before students are cleared.
  8.   To prevent possible fire ‘disaster, cooking in hostel rooms/corridors is prohibited. However cooking can be carried out in designated places in the hostels. The use of electric stove/cooker and fi re woods are prohibited.
  9.   The use of candles in the hostel is prohibited; only torch/flashlight and other battery powered devices are allowed: any fire outbreak shall be fully investigated and culprit(s) will be penalized in accordance with established rules regulations.
  10.   Under n0 circumstances are students allowed to bring or keep pets ¡n hostel premises.
  11.   Students are expected to provide their own meats however, cafeteria/bukateria services are provided on the campus where students could feed on the basis of pay-as-you eat.
  12.   To avoid risks of electric shocks1 burns, electricity blackout and other damages, students are advised to desist from acts of illegal electric connections and tempering with or alteration of electric fittings or installation in any part of the hostel.
  13.   All lights and electrical appliances/gadgets must be SWITCHED OFF when not in use and when leaving the hostel.
  14.   All electrical gadgets/appliances such as television sets, video recorders, radio cassette layers etc. must be duly registered with the student affair office otherwise it will be confiscated.
  15.   Resident students may be allowed to stay in hostel during short breaks but all students must vacate the hostels a day after the official closing for long vacations, otherwise, they will be evicted by security.
  16.   The polytechnic should not be held responsible for Loss of belongings left behind during holidays.
  17.   Urinating, taking bath or defecating in areas ‘other than those designed for such purposes is prohibited and shall attract expulsion from the hostel and forfeiture of accommodation fees.
  18.   The use of hard papers and other non-flushable material in toilets is prohibited. Genuine toilet tissue papers must be used. Otherwise a student may be expelled from hostel.
  19.   Any defect or malfunction of electrical, plumbing or any other fixture must be reported to the hail office immediately.
  20.   Pregnant women and nursing mothers will not be accommodated in the hostel; however, all disabled students will be accommodated if they so desire.
  21.   Cleanliness, they say, is next to Godliness; all students must therefore ensure that their rooms are kept clean at all times. Otherwise they risk losing their accommodation.
  22.   Illegal electrical wiring, construction and room demarcations are serious offences, therefore, students are strongly advised against these.
  23.   Students and visitors are not allowed entry into opposite sexes’ hostel.
  24.   Where a resident student intends to travel out of town, he/she shall collect and fill the appropriate EXIT form from the students’ affairs officer. The polytechnic will not be responsible for the whereabouts of any resident student who leaves the hostel without obtaining an exit permit.

Violation’ of any hostel rule attracts PENALTIES ranging from expulsion from hostel for a semester of session to the entire duration of programme. Students will also pay for all damages.


Sport and Recreational Facilities

(i) The Polytechnic Management is doing everything possible to put in place basic sporting facilities for use by both staff and students so as to keep Sound minds in sound bodies. (ii) In this regard, the polytechnic has established a sports unit in the student affairs division of the registry to oversee the procurement and efficient management of sporting facilities. Furthermore, the sports committee and sports office are responsible for organizing, administering coaching and coordinating sporting activities within the campus. The committee shall also liaise with other sister institutions, states sports councils and the national sports commission on sports matters. (iii) Students are advised to note that wilful damage to sporting equipment and tools shall attract surcharge and cases of misconduct during sporting activities shall be appropriately disciplined. (iv) Students are farther advised to note that apart from maintaining a sound body which is facility for advanced thinking and rigorous academic pursuit, students flay have the added advantage of wearing the colours of the polytechnic in sports contests and win laurels for the polytechnic and for themselves. (v) The Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu is a member of the Nigerian Polytechnics Games Association (NIPOGA) which is a forum under which all students in polytechnics and Colleges of Technology within the country are brought together for healthy sports competitions.

Polytechnic Health Services

(i) The polytechnic clinic which is situated centrally on the campus is currently headed by a Chief Nursing Officer and assisted by some Senior Nursing Personnel as well as auxiliary health officers. (ii) Each student shall present his/her identity card to the card man on his/her first visit to the clinic so that his/her name will be registered with the clinic cardman issued to him/her. This card should be presented to the clinic card man before he/she is allowed to consult the medical personnel, except in the case of an emergency where the number of the card could be mentioned to enable the student receive medical attention. (iii) Student(s) who require serious medical attention shall be referred either to the State Specialist Hospital Damaturu, University of Maiduguri teaching Hospital or any other specialist hospital, depending on the seriousness of the case, students are advised to contact the porter or the hall attendant on duty in any hall of residence for any emergency case so as to assist him/her as appropriate. (iv) Students are advised to note that polytechnic does not take responsibility for eye glasses and dental appliances.

Students Catering Services

(i) In accordance with Federal Government Policy of feeding of students in tertiary institutions, the polytechnic authority has arranged for an independent catering service for students; (ii) Currently, there are cafeteria and kiosks on the campus to cater for students’ feeding and other basic needs which are sold on the basis of “pay before service”.

Scholarships and Bursaries

The polytechnic as an institution does not directly deal with students’ scholarship with bursaries. The Students’ Union of the various states normally liaise with their respective scholarship boards on matters related to scholarship and bursaries. However, student benefiting from government bursary awards are normally assisted by the Bursary Department with the processing. However, the student affairs office can assist students with their scholarship problems by communicating with the various scholarship boards in the country on behalf of the students of the polytechnic. In addition, the student affairs office may assist students on federal bursaries and merit awards.

Banking Facilities

(i) The polytechnic does not currently have a banking facility on the campus. However, there are many commercial banks in Damaturu which offer a variety of banking services. (ii) Students with substantial amounts of money are therefore advised to deposit such monies with any of the commercial banks in their own interest. The polytechnic will not be responsible for any loss of money or any other valuable goods by students in the halls of residence or anywhere else. (iii) The students affairs office will however, assist students to open bank accounts in any of the commercial bank.

Bus Service

(i) Despite the inadequacy of buses, the polytechnic would judiciously regulate the use to the available students’ bus for students’ welfare and comfort as and when circumstances permit. (ii) If found practicable) the bus may also be allowed to run some routes in the town to alleviate transportation problems at subsidized rate for both staff and students. (iii) Clubs and societies may be allowed to hire the bus by arrangement with the student affairs office.