The Registrar

The Registrar

     The Registrar is one of the Principal Officers of the Polytechnic. He is the administrative head of the Polytechnic responsible to the Rector for the day to day administration. He is the Secretary to the Governing Council, Management, Academic Board and all other various Committees. He is also the head of the Registry Department and is assisted in the discharge of his administrative duties by Deputy Registrars, Principal Assistant Registrars and other Registry staff.

The Registry is as old as the Polytechnic. It started since inception of the Polytechnic in 1994. It is responsible for the day to day Administration of the Polytechnic; and is regarded as the engine room of the Institution where information from within and outside the Polytechnic is received, recorded, processed, stored and disseminated.

The Registry is headed by the Registrar who is the Chief Administrative Officer and assisted by some personnel on the following cadres: Registrar, Executive officer, Secretarial and Clerical officer.The office of the Registrar is the coordinating centre for activities of all other divisions in the Department.

The Registry’s scope of work is as wide as it is diverse. It is basically divided into several component units which are seamlessly linked and centrally coordinated. In other to attain organisational goals and objectives, there are vital requirements which are referred to as factors of production. Of all these factors, manpower has been adjudged the most important due to its’ intellectual capacity and its reasoning ability to manage and control all other factors.

The Registry is one of the most important Departments in the Polytechnic. Its duties are purely Administrative and touches the whole sections of the Institution. The Registry carries out its functions through its various Divisions which are headed by Deputy Registrars.