About the Rector


     The Rector is the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the He has Power to exercise general authority over the staff and the students of the Polytechnic an S responsible for the discipline of both Students and member staff of the polytechnic.

The Rector is also the chief the administrative and academic organisation of the Polytechnic. The retinues of other officers which are grouped under the close supervision of the Rector make the Rectory. These are the Rector’s immediate supporting administrative and secretarial staff, the Deputy Rector’s Office, the Internal Audit, the Directorate of Student Affairs, the Industrial Liasion and Placement Office, the Public Relations Unit, the Academic and Planning Unit, the Parks and Gardens Unit.

All these units have their distinct and peculiar functions and duties which are meant to assist the Rectory Department to adapt itself to new problems and changing circumstances in order to maintain continuity and consistency in decisions. They equally encourage the Rectory Department through the discharge of their duties to look ahead and foresee needs and problems which may arise from the effective implementation of decisions and programmes designed to uplift the mission and vision statement of the Polytechnic.

A summary breakdown of the functions and duties of each unit in the Rectory Department is shown below: